Finding An Accountant For Your Investments or Business


To make your business or your investments run in a smooth, efficient manner, business owners recognize the necessity of hiring a versatile set of employees, each with different skills. You may need a customer services representative or an office manager. More than likely you will need more than one of these examples. And for most businessmen a skilled accountant will be a valuable asset and an irreplaceable member of their team.

Finding an accountant to work with you or your business should be a painless experience.

Certified CPA

As a business owner you have to make sure the accountant is a certified CPA and has taken courses in general accounting. An ideal accountant will be familiar with all aspects of business financials, including payroll and taxes, and will be able to work with individuals and corporations alike. (Click here to go on CP Lehal and Company, CPA)

Having a business or investment accountant can save business owners time and stress by knowing that their finances are taken care of. You will want an accountant that is proficient in QuickBooks, and can handle your payroll, making sure each employee is given his paycheck. Your accountant should also be well versed in all aspects of tax accounting, and should be able to prepare accurate tax return statements.

Accountant records

The ideal accountant will keep an accurate record of all bookkeeping, payroll accounts, tax accounts, business accounts, etc. An accountant that keeps accurate records and understands tax laws will not only keep his employer legal by filing the proper taxes, but the records kept will also protect the employer in the event of an audit.


When screening prospective candidates it is best to look for an accountant that works locally, in an area near your business. There may need to see your accountant every week, so it’s good to consider the locality. This is also important because you will need an accountant that knows how to file taxes in compliance with national, as well as local, laws.

Take some information from family members and friends

It’s good to request some of information from relatives who have some business as it will be difficult for them to recommend a person they have ever had a crash with.

Client base

Enquire about their clients base and what they specialize in. some may have experience in your specialized business needs thus enabling him/her to give a perfect job in your business.

It is important to identify what type of diverse accountant your business desires to function and succeed. Each different accountant can be needed at dissimilar times and by knowing which one, or ones, your business requires makes for the smooth running of the finances.

Take your time finding your accountant. If you have to, shop around. Interview a number of prospective candidates until you find one that suits your needs. You want to make sure the accountant you choose is one you can trust with your financial information.

After you choose your accountant, you may rest easy knowing that your financial life is in the hands of a professional, trained specifically to handle accounting and finances.